The Process

From the Seed to Your Cup

The Chaka DR Blend coffee comes straight to you from the farms and farmers in Jarabacoa, the mountainous coffee town in the central region of the Dominican Republic. The farmers take great care throughout each and every step of the process, starting with the seed. Our farmers plant tipica Arabica seeds across their 15 acres of farmland, where they are organically and shade grown.  Throughout the harvest season, from October to June, our farmers return to the fields time after time to hand-pick only the ripest coffee cherries, ensuring quality and consistency. To bring you the freshest, most direct product possible, our five farmers share coffee equipment to guarantee the quality of their own beans. The coffee is prepared by wet processing, a relatively new method of removing the four layers surrounding the coffee bean. This process results in a coffee that is cleaner, brighter, and fruitier. After it is cleaned, the coffee is milled and dried on patios located in the center of the farm, ensuring that the coffee processing occurs right at the source, in close proximity to the coffee plants. The beans are then sorted to ensure that only the best beans are included. Once this process is complete, the green coffee beans are sent to the Chaka warehouse in the United States.

Now it's up to you to complete the beans' journies to the cup!


Above, Josiah [Chaka's Director of Coffee Programs], works closely with a farmer to sort green coffee beans, which allows them to make assessments and develop a long term strategy for increasing quality. 



“I was very pleased how all of the farmers received me and how cooperative they were at meeting all of the standards of quality set by Chaka MarketBridge. What impressed me the most was how environmentally conscious the farmers are. The farmers share a filtration tank that takes the water that is used to process the coffee and cleans it to provide potable water in the area for everyone”. – Josiah Hernandez: Director of Coffee Programs, Chaka


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