Our Story

What we do is simple.

We discover people.

We discover genuine, hardworking people, who make amazing art in beautiful, but undeveloped communities.

And, we plug them into the global marketplace.

Through Chaka, you can actually meet these artisans, and learn about their craft.

And when you do, you’ll soon find that art is more than just beautiful. It is their livelihood. It is their life.

Art means feeding their family. It means supporting their community. It means hope for a better future.

But the problem is that their opportunity to earn a living is limited by the market in their own small, poor communities.

What if anyone, anywhere in the world, could buy from them? What if they had the opportunity to participate in a truly global marketplace?

That is our dream, and the purpose of Chaka MarketBridge.

To be their global marketplace. To be the bridge that allows the world to discover these amazing artisans, helping them sell their beautiful art and gain a fair income. To better support their families. To lift growing communities. And to bring to life their hope for a better future.

Chaka MarketBridge. Their Art. Their Story. Your Chance to Make a Difference


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