Everything that we do together is measurable. The impact that we have in our artisans’ lives can be quantified. In dollars. Our artisans have become our good friends, but our friendship isn’t empty. Our friendship with our artisans is substantiated by trade - trade that helps the artisan grow. We are very committed to befriending and loving our artisans by what we do: helping them sell in more places as well as better their quality

But, we are careful to do this responsibly. Our goal is to lift developing communities through the local market; it is not to replace that local market. We aim to grow each artisan’s annual income by 25%, per year.

That’s enough to allow them to live significantly better, to send their children to school, to eat more meals at home. But, it is not enough to allow them to wholly depend on us.

Fair Trade at Chaka

We pay our artisans the price that they ask for their goods. We do not barter or bully them into a lower price. Nor do we pay them a price that is above what they determine to be fair in their community. This is very important to us, on both sides.

We want our artisans to grow businesses that work in their communities. Not businesses that depend on us. This means, that we will pay them what they deem fair, and will spread our impact in quantity, buying more from them and their neighbors.

In this way, we want to lift and accelerate entire communities. Because we spread our impact, and do so in a way that honors local markets, we’re lifting life throughout the community. This means better support across local businesses, bigger education budgets and better health clinics, all supported by the local economy itself.

To find out more about the impact that your purchases are having, check out stories about our artisans and read about how we’re committed to adding our own 5% to the 25% increase, through the Chaka Barrio Fund.


Barrio Fund

As we work to grow communities, through local markets, we come to love the people and the communities themselves. So, we want to go the extra step to make life a little better. That’s why we’ve created the Barrio Fund.

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