Why Only Nicaragua?

We have to start somewhere. And, Nicaragua is filled with great art made by genuine, honest and friendly artisans. So, Nicaragua is a great place to start, as we develop the MarketBridge and get ready to launch in developing countries around the world!

How does my purchase benefit the artisan?

The cool thing about your purchase is that it will benefit your chosen artisan in the way that they choose. Making these products is their business, and at the micro-business level, business directly translates to family. Sales mean school and better meals. Most of our artisans share a common dream: to make lasting improvements in the lives of their children. Every purchase makes this dream a little bit more of a reality.

What does “Chaka” mean?

“Chaka” means “bridge” in the Incan language of Quechua. The concept of building sustainable bridges between communities motivates everything that we do. We strive to build a bridge that will allow you to continually and meaningfully participate in the innovative and resilient enterprises of our artisans.

Why did you go through so much effort to describe each person?

Chaka is about the people. We love to bridge people, not just products. That’s why we call it the MarketBridge. We want to use the online marketplace as a platform to connect lives. We believe that you, as the consumer, will enjoy your relationship with our artisans just as much as they will enjoy their partnership with you! And we want to provide you with the opportunity to “meet” these artisans in as real a way as possible.

How does my purchase get to me from my selected artisan?

Many people have asked us, “how does my gift get here from Nicaragua so quickly?” Well, the truth is, it doesn’t. By the time that you browse for things on Chaka, we have already purchased them from our artisan partners. We do this for two important reasons: 1) we don’t want our artisans to miss out on potential sales, because they are holding products for us (during the time that it takes us show them to you) and 2) we don’t want you to have to wait too long to enjoy your purchase.

Based on which artisans you support, and which products you decide that you like, we are able to go back to our artisans and order more. This is the real joy of what we do – communicating to our artisans that you value what they make! Communicating this message through additional orders, of significant quantities, allows Chaka to make a bigger, faster impact that is sustainably rooted in a real MarketBridge.

What else are you doing to contribute to the community?

In the short term, our focus is to recognize and accelerate initiatives that people in the communities have identified to have significant impact potential. As we grow, however, we will look to develop Chaka-sponsored initiatives. If you have suggestions for initiatives that you have seen work elsewhere, please let us know!

I have an idea! How can I tell you?

Email us at info@chakamarketbridge.com! We’d love to hear it. The Chaka MarketBridge is a community of people committed to making a difference, and to getting more out of their social impact dollar. Let us know how we can make that happen.

Oh no! You’re sold out of that thing I love. What do I do?

Let us know! Please! If we’re ever sold out of anything you really like/want, just shoot us an e-mail at info@ChakaMarketBridge.com. And we’ll do our absolute best to make whatever it is available again as soon as possible.




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