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About our Coffee Program

Latin America provides some of the most exquisite coffee in the world, yet too often the farmers only receive a disproportionately small portion of the profits.  The result is a seemingly unbreakable cycle of poverty across Latin America.  Our coffee program is developing a model that will integrate the pieces of the coffee supply chain and allow farmers a collaborative, direct-trade channel to consumers, thereby sharing costs, gaining efficiencies and earning higher profits that will help loosen the grasp of the poverty cycle in Latin America.

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Our Model

Our fair trade coffee model aims to allow each farmer to take more control of the coffee process (harvest, pulping and drying) in order to facilitate greater income through a three tiered commitment:

  1. Equipment Access & Microfinance guarantee access to quality tools and resources for each farmer
  2. Training and Education to promote growing, harvesting and processing best practices and financial stewardship
  3. Reliable Market Access to create a dependable, sufficient source of income for the growers and their families


Bridging the Gap

Chaka’s coffee program is bridging the gap between coffee farmers and international markets through a commitment to relationships with each farmer and each customer.  We provide complete transparency between the market and the farmers that will allow our customers to participate in fair and direct trade.

By establishing deep relationships with our farmers and their families we guarantee quality coffee in every cup.  Our coffees are organic and shade grown to reduce impact on the environment and improve the quality of the beans.  As organic coffee, no fertilizers or pesticides are used in order to prevent damage to the environment.  Being shade grown under the natural shade of tall banana or cacao trees creates a more dense and flavorful bean while facilitating a great habitat for wildlife and a secondary source of income for the farmer.

Farmer-Guaranteed Quality

Chaka works closely with all of our farmers to streamline the coffee process and thus consistently produce a high quality product.  Farmers are trained in our classes/workshops and are given a premium for their quality coffee.  Each farmer has access to microloans that can be used to buy equipment to process coffee right on their own farm.

This model is a vast change from the norm for the nearly 25 million small coffee farmers around the world.  Small coffee farmers typically lack the resources and knowledge necessary to process their own high quality coffee.  But, ironically working directly with these small farmers is the best way to get a quality product.  Where large mills and multinational roasters buy coffee from many farmers without knowing the quality standards, the quality of Chaka’s single origin coffees is directly attributable to a specific farmer.  As a result, Chaka is able to uniquely deliver diverse micro-lots and transparent grower relationships.  Simply put, Chaka exists to empower small Latin American coffee farmers with the tools they need to escape from poverty and to provide coffee fanatics with the best tasting, most relational cup of coffee on the market.



Our Guarantee


Chaka works closely with groups of small farmers to produce coffee that meets the following standards:

-  100% Arabica

-  Certified Organic

-  Shade Grown

-  Fair Trade

-  Single Origin

-  SCAA Standard Gourmet


And, it's all these things too (for the true coffee maestro):

-  Grown over 1,000 ft

-  0 Primary Defects

-  <5 Defects per 300g

-  <5% Var from 16/64in.

-  0 Faults, Taints, Quakes

-  Homogenous Color

-  9-13% Humidity (Green)


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