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Redefining Handmade


Handmade can have many meanings. The most common interpretation would be a product that was made by an individual, not by a mass-producing machine. Though I believe this definition to be accurate, I’ve discovered through my work in Nicaragua that handmade can dig much deeper than this widely shared definition.

Both potters in the... [more]


Chaka MarketBridge Brings New Dedication to Quality and Relationship to Fair Trade Federation


Chaka MarketBridge Brings New Dedication to Quality and Relationship to Fair Trade Federation

Virginia-based company connects Nicaraguan artisans with US buyers, aims to create high-quality products and lasting relationships

Williamsburg, VA (June 10, 2011) — Chaka MarketBridge, an online marketplace and wholesaler that connects consumers with artisans’ hand-made goods from the developing world, today announced their acceptance into... [more]


Building Foundations for a Better Tomorrow

Foundations are rising all over Chaka communities – both literally and figuratively! Douglas Potosme, a potter in San Juan de Oriente, has been making great strides in recent months. In late December, Douglas worried constantly about how he would support his son who was due to be born any day. He had no idea how... [more]


Getting Kids Off the Street

From time to time, we have ‘this is why we do it’ moments, here in Nicaragua.  Some positive, some negative.  Last night, I had a negative one. 

I was driving across Managua to play basketball with some friends, and came to an intersection right before the South Highway.  There are always children beggars at this intersection... [more]




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