As we work to grow communities through local markets, we come to love the people and the communities themselves.  So, with the Barrio Fund, we've created a way to strengthen these communities, or barrios.  5% of all sales will go back to the communities through the Chaka Barrio Fund to support projects that improve the lives of our artisans and those around them.

Many of the communities in which we work are in constant need of repairs, improvements, and various resources.  The Barrio Fund projects are based on the needs and wants expressed by Chaka artisans, and therefore vary from one community to the next.  Through the Barrio Fund, you help bring to life the hopes and dreams of our artisans by funding their project requests.

During the check out process, we invite you to be a part of the Barrio Fund community projects! Just choose which of the featured projects you'd like to support with 5% of your purchase, and watch the funding progress grow! When a project has been been fully funded and carried out, we will send you pictures and stories about the implementation process of the project you helped to make possible! 

Thanks for supporting Barrio Fund projects in communities in need by shopping with Chaka MarketBridge!


Previous Impact

Pliers for Nica Hope

Pliers in Nicaragua are prohibitively expensive. And jewelry making requires three specialized types of pliers (at a minimum): Round nose, needle nose & wire cutters. Where you can pick up a pair of each of these for $3-5 at Home Depot in the U.S., the same pair of pliers costs $20-25 in Nicaragua; $20-25 that the Nica Hope jewelers don’t have up front.

In May, the Barrio Fund bought 20 sets of these pliers, and took them to Acahualinca, where the Fabretto Nica Hope center is leasing the pliers to graduated student jewelers. These young artisans are now able to get the equipment that they need to get started making jewelry on their own; they are now their own small business owners, on their way to fledgling micro-enterprises.


Fair Trade

We pay our artisans the price that they ask for their goods. We do not barter, or bully, them into a lower price. Nor do we pay them a price that is above what they determine to be fair in their community. This is very important to us, on both sides.


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