Douglas Potosme

Nicaragua | San Juan de Oriente | Potter

Two things stick out about Douglas Potosme: one is his intelligence, and the other is his love and respect for his mother. When we first met Douglas, he was sitting at the back of his family’s store, studying: he was comparing a book he’d been given by the Jehovah’s Witnesses to the Bible – he wanted “to see if what they say is true.” Aside from these personal studies, Douglas was just a few months away from graduating with a degree in “Ciencias Sociales.” His dream: to be a high-school teacher.

Douglas proudly proclaims that this dream has been made possible by his mother. In order to support her five sons, Sra. Nicoya used the trade she’s known since she was five years old. Douglas is clearly proud that this rich cultural tradition is wrapped up in “Ceramica Nicoya,” adding that his family’s history is uniquely intertwined with his country’s, through his mother’s ancestor Casinicoya. (He can tell you better himself). Beyond his story, Douglas is distinguished by his work: by the use of bright white relief space in his products, and by his commitment to furthering education as a frequent substitute teacher. When he graduates, it is clear that Douglas will be continue to use these distinctions to the betterment of his community and the maintenance of the rich historical tradition of San Juan de Oriente.


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