Chaka Bird Shelters Featured by Terrain


Redefining Handmade


Chaka MarketBridge Brings New Dedication to Quality and Relationship to Fair Trade Federation


Building Foundations for a Better Tomorrow


Getting Kids Off the Street


Growth and Progress


It's Great to be in the Middle


Loving Your Neighbor (Part II)


Valuing a Skill


Loving Your Neighbor (Part I)


What do you mean 'international business?'


Sharing a Vision


Central American Coffee


Works in Progress


Doing Good?


"Women Hold Up Half the Sky" - Chinese Proverb


Building a Middle Class


Welcome to Nicaragua! (For Real this Time)


Partnering with Artisans so they may “Seguir Adelante”


Present Hope


Closing the Loop Responsibly: Accelerating Microfinance – Part 3


What is Art?


On SALE: Paper Beads that Give a Break


Hand-Rolled Paper Beads Helping the Most Vulnerable


Life with Jose (Gaspar) Gutierrez




Laxin’ in the Rain


Including Micro-Artisans: Accelerating Microfinance – Part 2


Today we're 4


It Takes Time: Accelerating Microfinance - Part 1


Journey's End


Lots of Meetings


Old Friends


4 Months Ago












Palpable Excitement


Final Thoughts from Managua


Chaka and Nica HOPE


¡Bienvenido a Nicaragua!


Chaka on the Beach


Arrival in Managua


Chaka: Welcome and Introduction




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